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Health is very important in our breedingprogram.
As the Papillon still is not a breed with many specific healthproblems, we keep a special eye also on this factor in our breedingprogram.
Before breeding they will have a Patellacheck which has to be clear.
Also a special eyecheck before breeding and then all two years at a special veterinary for eyediseases.
Since some time we have the first DNA test for PRA1 and of course also our kids are tested and are only in our breedingprogram if not affected.
Also the most of our kids are already tested for vWD and are free.
Now also a new DNA test for NAD is available in Germany and of course first dogs are tested and luckily healthy.
Our dogs are checked yearly by my veterinary when they get their vaccination for Patella and heart.
Also they are checked reguarly by a Physiotherapist to prevent any health problems.