Ch. Tila’s NoNo Novelle


with10,5 years

born May 24, 2010

Novelle is the BOSS of the Gang. He is a lovely sovereign male which loves to apport and doing some brain work. Many kids have his unmistakable temperament and so we hope for some more wonderfull kids after him.

PL: 0/0 ( Aug 2016)

PRA/Katarakt: free ( May 2016)

PRA1: free

vWD: free

NAD: free

Factor VII: free

Herzultraschall: ohne Befund

Internationaler Champion

Swiss Veteran Champion
German Veteran Champion
VDH Veteranen Champion
Austrian Veteran Champion

Austrian Champion
Slowenian Champion
Italian Champion
VDH Champion
German Champion
German Junior Champion

Ostalbjuniorwinner 2011
Schwabenjuniorwinner 2011
5x Juniorwinner in Germany, Austria ,Hungary
Winner Hessen 2012
Winner NRW 2012
Schwabenwinner 2012
Winner Karlsruhe 2013
Österreichischer Bundessieger 2013
Veteranen Sieger Rheinland Pfalz 2018
Argovia Veteranen Winner 2018
Clubveteranwinnern 2018 VK
Swiss Clubveteranwinner
Austrian Veteranen Winner 2019
Austrian Veteranen Winner 2020

1x BOB out of the Juniorclass on a an international show.
Multi BOB winner
RBOG 9 winner
Best in Group 4 Winner at Austrian Winner Show 2013
No7 Papillon VK 2012
No.2 Papillon Italy 2013



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